As I said, I’m Augustin Stephan.

I'm a nomad designer, living between Rennes (France) and nowhere. I wrote some articles about remote work on a dedicated blog.

Earlier in my career, I had the luck to work with Rakuten France (2018), one of the most important e-commerce website in France.

After that, I joined LAB118, the Innovation & New Usages team of Warner Music France (2018-2019) to help them promote artists with digital experiences.

Then, I travelled for 4 months in Asia with some friends, working as a freelance from various countries.

When I went back to France, I joined Advency while working as a freelance for several clients including :  Warner Music France, Joone Paris, Levi'sSongkickDeezer, RATP, Klorane.

In 2021, I followed TheDesignCrew, a course for product designers teached by mentors from french top-tech start-ups.

I am currently learning 3D and surfing 🏄🏻‍♂️!

If you’re looking for a freelance designer specialized in e-commerce & SaaS, and you’re on a tight timeline, my mails are open.

Portfolio quickly developed by Frédéric Devaux. ⚡️