User Experience, User Interface, Art Direction.


As part of the Innovation & New Innovations Warner Team, I created this mobile application from scratch under the responsibility of my two project managers Perrine Guyomard and Thibaut Hus. The development was made by HoloMe, an English company specialized in building holograms in Augmented Reality.


Amir is a French pop artist, well-known for his participation to the famous « Eurovision », a music competition between European countries. This artist is also followed by many people on social media. So, we decided to build an application using augmented reality to encourage fans to create content on social media. With the hashtag #AmirEtMoi, fans uploaded many videos for the release of his new track « 5 minutes avec toi ». Amir created an alternative video clip with fan uploaded content.

Extract from Amir’s video clip « 5 minutes avec toi »


1. Create a viral campaign on social media to promote the new track.
2. Allow fans to create UGC (User Generated Content) to promote the track.
3. Propose a playful campaign for Amir’s fans.


Promoting a track is sometimes complicated, even for well-known artist. Artists speeches on social networks must be useful and interesting for their fans. So, we decided to create this application to reinforce the connection between Amir and his fans.


Augmented reality for all. As different as the fans of Amir could be, Amir&Moi had to be adapted to all. From the teenager to the 50 years old fan. Videos were easy to make with an UI interface very similar to the native camera app of Android or Apple.

User experience of the application Amir&Moi.

A simple way to bring to light Amir’s hologram. In three steps, fans were capable to make Amir appear anywhere they want.
By scanning the floor, fans create a plane-tracker which is the basis for Amir’s hologram.

Users have to scan a surface to make Amir appear.

Easily shareable content. After making their videos, fans were invited to share their videos on social media like Twitter or Instagram. Fans could also download their videos with Amir’s song « 5 minutes avec toi » if they wanted to share it later or privately with their friends and family.

Some of the user generated content posted on Twitter with #amiretmoi.


Fans really enjoyed this friendly contest created for Amir. We have reached more than 2M impressions across social medias, Amir&Moi has been shown on the very well-known French TV show « Touche pas à mon poste ».
Finally, this campaign made two weeks after the track release increased the number of streams on this new track.
Unfortunately, the first few days of campaigns revealed some technical issues that impacted the fans experience.

You can download the iOS app.

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