Art Direction, User Interface.


I challenged myself to work on a personal project that consisted of redesigning the e-commerce website of the clothing brand Armor-Lux.
I did this project to confirm and experience what I learned during my five months internship at Rakuten from April to August 2018.
The other fact is that I truly love the brand and I do not think that Armor-Lux’s website correspond to their clothes and their clients.


Armor-Lux is a French ready-to-wear brand created in 1938 in Quimper, a small and beautiful city situated in the south of Brittany, France.
The brand is particularly known for its rugged sailor and sea clothing sold throughout Europe and perhaps even the world.

Photography by Miguel Sadinha


1. Find the brand’s product placement on its website.
2. Provide users with a better online experience with the brand.
3. Create a real visual link between the different pages of the website.


Loading page
Home page with a slider
Category page
Selected product and menu.
Product page and recommandations
Third step of the sales process.
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