Hackathon WMF


Art Direction, User Experience, User Interface.


For the second year in a row, but now as a freelancer, Warner Music France and Innovation & New Usages Team asked me to create the visual identity and website of the Hackathon 2020 Warner Music France which takes place in the 118, the famous office of WMF.
In collaboration with Quentin Ruy, a full-stack developer, we created a colourful website, including a back-end that allows student to register.


Warner Music Group, also known as Warner Music, is an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate. As part of WMG, Warner Music France is composed of several labels. To publicize the group’s involvement in new technologies. Warner Music France organizes an annual hackathon that allows students to discover the world of music by designing innovative projects. Some ideas are sometimes developed in co-design between Warner Music and the students.


1. Communicate on the hackathon Warner Music France 2020.
2. Allow students to register directly from the website.
3. Create a colourful space which corresponds to WMF.


In 2020, one year after the first hackathon, Warner Music relaunched the idea of hosting 40 students to work for 24 hours in groups on a defined theme.
To develop a new identity, the teams decided to create an independent site to register students and communicate about the hackathon.
In this perspective, I had to design all the interfaces as well as the visual identity of the hackathon (motion, badges, etc.).


A colourful identity to promote the hackathon. To promote the hackathon without sounding too corporate, we opted for a colourful identity that highlights the « cool » side we all know of the music world.
What’s more, by creating a new identity, we’re breaking away from what we did last year, like the identity of a festival like Les Vieilles Charrues which changes its theme every year, showing the evolution of Warner Music France.
As a result, we encourage students to register because we are closer to their standards.

Logo of the 2020 Warner Music France Hackathon.

An interface that corresponds to the identity and WMF standards. In creating this site, I wanted to move away from Warner Music’s visual identity, which I thought was too corporate for an event like this, while respecting it.
Therefore, I created a colorful site that allows students to project themselves more easily into the hackathon, notably by seeing many images and figures from last year’s hackathon.

Some screens from the website.

A 3-steps registration for students. Getting students to sign up is not easy. Therefore, I wanted to make the registration process pleasant to complete by separating it into several steps.
So the student first introduces himself, then his school career and finally uploads his documents to finalize his registration. The last step is not mandatory to allow him to do the requested assignment later.

User experience of the student registration process.

A bunch of work I’ve done on this project. On this project, I was not only responsible for the design of the website interfaces, but for the entire identity of the Warner hackathon. So check out some of the concepts I was able to create for this project.

Student and mentor passes for the event.
Presentation deck.


Working as a freelancer for Warner Music France is the best experience I know.
From the brief, I was able to design an identity specific to the hackathon by departing a little from the visual identity of the group Warner Music France, while maintaining its standards.
The teams gave me the confidence to create innovative and ambitious work and an almost limitless creative space.

You can find the project here.

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