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I worked with the start-up Joone as a freelance and unique product designer integrated with the product team. I worked on the implementation of a whole subscription-based funnel for the napkins.


Joone is a French start-up (10M€ raised in funding in 2020) specialized in baby products like diapers.
Launched in 2018 by Carole Juge-Llewellyn, the brand needed to diversify its products to reach a new customer base : women (and mothers).
In fact, the first babies were getting old, so it was necessary to find new products to sell.
Engaged in transparence, Joone decided to launch its new product : napkins.


1. Promote this new product for women (and mothers who buy Joone diapers).
2. Allow buyers to quickly add napkins to their running subscription.
3. Diversify Joone’s product offer.


The deadline of this project was really short. In one month only, everything had to be done : from design to development to be launched public.
This was a key-product in Joone’s future development.


An easy and clear user journey to add this product in the subscription. In four steps, the customer can create his personalized subscription.
Step 3 simply allows us to promote different products.

The ambition to upsell products to increased the average cart. In the buying journey, we inserted an upsell’s step enabling to promote products to increase the customer’s average basket and thus increase Joone’s turnover.

An easy management of subscriptions from the customer account. From the customer space, any Joone service’s suscriber, for its child for instance, can add napkins to its subscription, bringing together the deliveries.
It is also possible to suscribe to a napkin’s subscription from the customer space.
Thus, interactions between the user and the product are multiplied.


Helping Joone in the launch of this new product was really interesting. One year later (march 2021), the user journey is still the same, it’s kind of rare ! 🙂 During two months, I had the luck to help Joone on a lot of subjects. I truly appreciated working alongside this lovely team.

You can find Joone’s website here.

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