Research, User Experience, User Interface.


I worked on this project from the start to the end under the direction of a lead UX, Thomas Tran.
I made all the interviews with the stakeholders and I did the platform from UX to UI.
Project was developed and released in October 2018.


Rakuten is a Japanese electronic commerce company based in Tokyo. Rakuten France, ex-PriceMinister, was created in 2000, becoming one of the first french e-commerce websites and now having over 19 million visits per month.
To drive their events, merchandising and commercial teams were making an Excel spreadsheet.
So we decided to create a platform that allows them to save time to do their work.
My manager asked me to do a complete platform, from research to UI design, to allow both teams to share products more easily.


1. Help commercial team to quickly upload their selected products lists for marketing team.
2. Allow marketing team to save time in the creation of their campaigns.
3. Create an innovative and useful dashboard for both teams.


To drive their events, merchandising and commercial teams were making Excel spreadsheet which was not very easy to understand and work on.
Even if spreadsheets are very powerful for teams to sort a lot of products, both teams lost a lot of time to find what they want to on the large number of tables.
So we decided to create a platform that allows them to save time to do their work.


A platform adapted to the personal needs of each team and people. One of our challenge was to create a platform that can be used easily by both commercial and marketing teams. Our solution was more technical. In fact, we splitted the platform using the log of each employee to let them access quickly to the action they want to do.

Drag-n-drop zone used by the commercial team to upload new product
Marketing team can overview all their campaigns

A clear dashboard to make selections and sort products. Before the creation of this new dashboard, marketing team worked on Excel spreadsheet, which was powerful but not very pleasant. So, we decided to integrate all products in a more airy dashboard. Now, marketers can select products more easily and sort them with as many conditions as they want.

A dashboard to overview all the products uploaded

A strong sorting system that have to be easy to understand. One of the main task for marketers was to create a lot of conditions on Excel to sort all of the products they want to be in their marketing campaigns (Black Friday, Christmas…). So we create an adaptable sorting system based on Mathematics where conditions can be added, modified and deleted quickly.

Sorting system with 2 conditions
Sorting system with 8 conditions

A dashboard to overview each selection. Marketers can overview all of the products they put in a selection after sorting them. This dashboard allows them to see the product families they selected for their marketing campaign.

Preview of a selection


This project was started from scatch and I spent about one month to finish it.
Then, the project was developed and published 3 months later for both Rakuten France marketing and commercial teams.
It was my very first product created by myself in this industry.
Huge thanks to Thomas Tran, lead UX and Victor Meulle-Stef, UI Designer, for their advices during all the process and for teaching me the basics of design during my first internship.

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