User Experience, User Interface, Art Direction


During my year at HÉTIC, a french well-known school based in Montreuil, France, we had to make a product during one year with a group of 4 students.
With Benoît Lemaire, Frédéric Devaux and Rémy Pradier we decided to create a mobile-application to prevent from street harassment.
As part of the group and unique designer, I made the visual identity and interfaces of the application.


In France, 80% of women have already been victims of street harassment.
Following this statement, I decided to do a more developed study, including interviews of women aged between 18 and 25 and who has been victim of street harassment.
The main result was that women would rather be warned than had problems. Thus, our mobile application Safee help women who wants to travel safely by informing them of the risks on their journey and allowing them to report a risky situation.


1. Inform women of potential risks in their zone.
2. Give the possibility to report a street harassment as a victim or witness.
3. Help each other and create a network of helpers.


A simple and understanding flow for users. After registering, the user’s journey remains simple and revolves around a single page. This allows them to get to grips with the application quickly and easily.
Below you can see all the pages of Safee and the user experience from registration to the launch of an alert.

User flow of the application.

An action-centric visual interface. Users must be able to quickly access recent alerts that have been issued. This is why the alerts have been put in the form of a map, using the geolocation of user’s phone. The other major action is to issue an alert. This is proposed using the red button at the bottom of the screen.

Users can visualize alerts with a map or a feed.

An effective way to alert unsafe situations. The alert of a case of street harassment can be done in two clicks.
On the interface, we have opted for large buttons similar to Waze’s operation. Indeed, users can be involved in stressful scenarios when they are using the application. That’s why the buttons are large and the publication of an alert is fast.

Alert process extracted from Safee app.

A network of helpers where everyone is needed. The application is based on a self-help community to fight harassment. Thus, each person close to an identified act of harassment is warned by a notification in order to be able to help the person in distress. A description of the act and itinerary is proposed to those who want to go to the place of alert.

Users can be informed of alert and join the place where the harassment happened.


This project was very rewarding. We learned a lot together, helped by our teachers.
Personally, conducting the studies and designing this application made me realize how much women can suffer from street harassment — and how common it is.
Managing the design of a project such as this is particularly challenging. I had to think on product’s tone, branding, motion, illustration and most importantly user experience and it was very interesting.
I am proud of the result even if, after all, we decided to shut down the development of the application because another more known application that was off when we started the development resumed activity.
So, in order not to disperse the fight against harassment, we have decided to step aside.

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