User Experience, User Interface, Art Direction.


At the end of 2020, metres-carres.com wanted to diversify its student accommodation rental offer.
TThe team has contacted me to design their customer to customer (C2C) mobile application: a second-hand fashion community.
As the only one product designer of the team, my mission was to define the artistic vision of the application as well as design all the interfaces.


1. Make faster and safer the sales in a second-hand fashion platform.
2. Make easier searches by providing a strong filter system.
3. Offer to sellers a real follow-up of their sales.


In this very competitive environment of second-hand fashion platforms, we have brought some key features that put Tilt in the lead of the business: data analysis and shop management for sellers.


Visual Identity and Art Direction. The artistic direction adopted for this project responds to the desire to target a more female clientele. We wanted something fresh, friendly and aesthetic.

A complete user journey dedicated to buyers and sellers. The user journey allow us to create links between different pages. We have built the app so it can be as easiest as possible for both buyers and sellers.

A unique seller dashboard for insights and analysis. Unlike other applications, the seller has here a whole management interface allowing him to manage his sales and analyze his results.

An easy navigation for buyers. With just a few taps, the buyer can purchase any product on the platform. They can also browse their favorites, buy product groups or negotiate with sellers.


During two months, I had the pleasure to help Metres-carres in the design of this cross-platform mobile app. The freedom given on this project by the management allows me to challenge usages and create a more complete solution for sellers.

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